Moroccan impressions

Dubai Airport – the last western food stop

Western Food Palace

Fes, Morocco

Fes, Morocco: the Moroccan cuisine is amazingly delicious.

Very practical in the many ancient streets.

After the initial shock of not seeing the western air-conditioning, one gets used to it. After all there are many healthy Moroccan specimens walking everywhere, so freshness must be guaranteed. Moroccans can cook like you can’t believe! Amazing. You would never want to enter another western palatial food look-alike place again.

The abundance of natural food, the sheer colour and smell is amazing.

Fumer tue (smoking kills): it sure does.
You only need to decide how quickly you want it.
Rapide de toutes pieces (all parts done quickly): it sure will.
Plastification (same): it will do that for you – 
your body will go in a plastic bag in the end.
Notice the wringer in the background: freshly symbolic.

This is our favourite Moroccan photo.
Moroccans have ancient knowledge and present it in such a fresh way.
We are just enjoying taking freedom with this picture.

Oosterdam Cruiseship VII Onboard Holland-America Line Connection

Their Majesties the King and Queen of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands (Holland) has been a seafaring nation for many centuries. 

The logo also showing the historical dimension.

These pictures show the long and rich historical links between the Netherlands (Holland) and Japan.

Holland America Line Website

Holland America Line History